One Single Platform: Different Solutions

TecnEl Platform is the tool through which Tecnica Elettronica designs and develops, while reducing costs and development times, customised production automation systems, based on Customers’ and plants specific needs.

What is the TecnEl Platform?

In order to keep pace with technological developments, Tecnica Elettronica has constantly been focused on the acquisition of new expertise, evolving the organisational model so as to guarantee quality standards defined at international level. Over the years, this approach has resulted in the TecnEl Platform development: the key tool for the construction of production automation systems customised on Customers’ and plants specific needs.

Therefore TecnEl Platform represents both the point of convergence of the organisational skills and the main business processes and the vehicle for providing Customers services.

Today the qualitative and quantitative development of the TecnEl Platform is moving along a technological trajectory aiming at a “self-certified” production plant capable of providing a generic stakeholder, approved and authorised for performance measuring, all the information necessary to evaluate compliance with current or forthcoming regulations.

Architectural Model

The programming and control system architectural model of an automated production plant is a significant feature of the TecnEl Platform. It is the basis of all Tecnica Elettronica applications, originated from international standards and composed by specific subsystems such as:

  • Interfaces with ERP systems and company management ones

  • User interface developed with the support of standard information technologies

  • MES applications and functionalities managing and processing information for production process supervision and integration with ERP and field systems

  • PCS systems for process control: controls implementation, field information collection, execution of automated operations, established sequences management

  • Electrical infrastructure interfacing with field equipment and information technology for information processing and distribution

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