Feed&Mill Platform

The product-platform for companies of the milling-animal feed sector which integrates products and services for Control, Supervision, Management and Tracking of the production process within a single and complete platform.

Feed&Mill Platform

Our expertise, knowledge and experiences acquired in the development of automation systems for agro-industrial sector have enabled Tecnica Elettronica to define and consolidate innovative models for the related production processes management and control.

Feed&Mill Platform is Tecnica Elettronica product platform for designing, developing and implementing innovative and advanced ”Scheduling, Control, Management, Graphic Supervision, Execution, Tracking and Monitoring” Systems for the milling-animal feed sector.

Feed&Mill Platform includes: over 30 years of expertise and experience, knowledge of production process and business organisational models, standard technologies and functional modules standardised on international standards (ANSI/ISA-88, ANSI/ISA-95,…).

Main features

Standard Hardware and Virtualisation with applications which can be installed on Server virtualised on host systems defined together with the Customer.

Management and control software of the production process developed using programming languages universally widespread.

Modules and levels of implementation defined on Customer’s and existing system specific needs.

Modules and MES functionalities for:

  • “Real-time” management and processing of the information exchanged with the Process Controller;
  • Production Optimisation, scheduling and tracking;
  • Integration with other business information systems (ERP such as SAP, Baan, Business Management Systems)

designed and developed with reference to the ANSI/ISA-95 or IEC 62264-1 Standard

Objects framework for the deterministic control of the entire production process:

  • Integrated with standard technology within a single operations environment;
  • Capable of deriving, at object class-level, the peculiarities of each production site;
  • Interfaceable, through established communication protocols, with I/O Server implemented on different technologies (Siemens PLC S7, Omron PLC, …).

Design and development carried out in accordance with the ANSI/ISA-88 or IEC 61512-1 Standard.


Do you already have a system and would you like to integrate it with the Feed&Mill Platform?


Feed&Mill Platform can integrate within an existing system by interfacing with software and technologies of third parties optimising the re-use in terms of computerised procedures, applications for process control, equipment and field devices, wiring and cabling.

A Complete Solution

Do you need an All in One turnkey solution?


Feed&Mill Platform can extend up to a complete hardware and software architecture development, where “production continuity” and “real-time” control are guaranteed by the use of hybrid controls obtained by the combination/integration of Virtual Machine with PLC.

Why choose it?

Feed&Mill Platform is a consolidated, scalable and customisable product, open to evolutionary innovation, which can be also integrated into both an existing system and expand in consecutive steps up to the development of a complete hardware and software architecture.

The platform represents a real expert system, and not a simple stand-alone sequential process control, which integrates all production process phases in a single operational environment, making an automation with more refined rules in relation to those implemented with simple sequences.

Furthermore, Feed&Mill Platform can be interfaced, through standardised and consolidated communication protocols, with different ERP systems, ensuring the real-time synchronisation of the physical production flow with the business information flow.

Feed&Mill Platform outcomes

Production sites

Some of the implemented systems

Multi-site company for which an automation and control system has been developed for nr. 6 production sites and also an high level MES system to integrate Customer’s ERP system.

Company with a single production site for which an automation system and production MES have been developed, both integrated with the Customer’s Business Management System and the MES system of the laboratory. Complex automation sequences and batch system have been managed. Software tools for analysing the efficiency of the line production have been developed.

Multi-site company for which we have designed and developed: n. 4 automation and supervision systems for n. 4 feed production sites, n. 1 automation and supervision system for n.1 “premix and feed” production site, the MES system to integrate the management of all production sites through the centralised ERP system.

Our Customers in the Sector