A Full Range of Services  

We cover the entire life cycle of an automation system, from the desgin to the evolutive maintenance, providing a response to  every specific request by selecting the best technologies and developing customised solutions.


“Strategic support for Customers’ ideas”

The success of each innovative process is due to the ability to identify and classify critical points, timing and costs since the analysis phase, because of complexity and dynamics of a complete automation system integrated into the corporate information one.

At this stage it is essential to go beyond a stand-alone evaluation of the proposed solution, analysing its impact in terms of infrastructure and the re-use level of the pre-existing system up to both a management costs and system performance forecast along the entire life cycle.

Experience and expertise allow Tecnica Elettronica to provide his Customers a strategic support for budgeting process, formalisation of the aims, and for the definition of the technological requirements needed to turn an idea into a project with definite and measurable costs over time.


“System and Life Cycle designed together”

Projects specifications, both for new systems and plants to be revamped, are developed in close cooperation with the final Customer in order to identify the key system components, defining operating parameters along the entire life cycle and formalising its expected performances.

Data and basic requirements evolve up to formalise a technical specification, detailed electrical engineering and IT architecture, from which derive the executive projects and the subsequent implementation of solutions characterised by production flexibility and integration within the Customer information system.

Most of the plants with automation, control, supervision and MES systems designed by Tecnica Elettronica have been in use for over 15 years and, even today, it is possible to implement updates required by Customers.

Project management

“Timing and Interaction optimised in each phase”

Using advanced tools and technologies, integrated specialist teams distinguish activities and approaches exploited by Tecnica Elettronica to process, satisfy and measure performance stated in design phase.

At every step of the project, timing and interactions optimisation is guaranteed by the integration within multi-project models, integration/validation test carried out and documented with reference to international standards, at headquarters and on site services for the connection and the configuration of the different devices.

The processes knowledge and the capacity to manage and master different features and critical points of an automation project enable Tecnica Elettronica to take on the role of “Prime Contractor” to supply a turnkey solution.


“Compatible activities with Customer’s needs”

Our specialist teams’ expertise and professionalism combined with the experience acquired over the years lead to the definition of training programmes, test and commissioning compatible with Customer’s specific needs.

All commissioning activities, from testing of field equipment to the check of information flows, are scheduled to reduce downtimes to the minimum strictly necessary and enable the step-by-step transfer of the knowledge necessary to manage the plant through the new system.

Immediately working systems, with performance optimised in short time, are obtained by an activity conducted in close synergy with field professional figures and by a steady support post commissioning.


“Steady support along the entire life cycle”

Management of spare parts, prompt supervision, ability to update plants and systems over time follow up the evolutionary dynamics of the production processes automated by us.

Services of maintenance, ongoing supervision of the technology trend and the related compatibility with the pre-installed system, availability and preventative maintenance characterise the constant monitoring of the installed systems ensuring availability and performance over time and their maintenance not just in a conservative perspective but also in an evolutionary one.

Using the most updated telecommunication technologies and assistance services directly provided by our specialist team, enable us to deal with the matters with a rapid and effective diagnostics and the related needed solutions.

KPI Processing

“Performance measurable in real-time”

Information capable of measuring and certifying performances are more and more required to control systems of the production process by the evolution of the business management models and by the current regulations.

The engineered systems and the services provided by Tecnica Elettronica, in addition to the integrated control and the tracking of the production process, process KPI in real-time to optimise their management while measuring efficiency and compliance with current regulations.

A branched data collection structure and a distribution network integrated within the information architecture of the Customer enable the systematic processing of KPI and their storage within the Data Warehouse of the company ensuring the possibility of monitoring, evaluating and analysing the features of the plant to each stakeholder, approved and authorised.