Process&Factory Platform

Tecnica Elettronica product platform for the development of innovative and advanced  programming and control systems for different production processes in Process Industry and Manufacturing sectors.

Process&Factory Platform

The following features mark the realised systems and the services issued by Process&Factory Platform: knowledge of the processes and the market, practical experience, ongoing technological innovation, services for the life cycle and headquarters support.

  • TE_Process&Factory_Lib libraries;
  • Process analysis and modelling tools;
  • Engineering framework SIMATIC TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Siemens Portal;
  • Siemens PCS7 Product/System;
  • Standard Hardware and Virtualisation with applications installable on Virtualised Servers;
  • Software modules developed by using universally widespread programming languages;
  • Established and widespread communication protocols.

All the above-mentioned features, if correctly configured and combined according to the type of process, enable Process&Factory Platform to:

  • formalise the representation of the process to be automated;
  • develop supervision and distributed control systems for continuous and batch processes;
  • develop control and supervision systems of manufacturing processes characterised by a sequence of discrete technology operations;
  • derive the peculiarity of one or more process areas automating their control and integrating the respective information flows;
  • set up specific applications in an efficient way;
  • optimise the interfacing within the field;
  • install the created applications in virtual environments.

Why choose it?

Over the years Process&Factory Platform has proved, thanks to the mix of technology, service and e configurability, to be a flexible, open and efficient product-platform both for developing distributed control systems and automating the control of heterogeneous process areas, integrating them as “Unit” within the business information flow.

Process&Factory Platform outcomes

Production sites

Some areas of application

  • Nonwoven production lines

  • Assembly transfer lines with test and packing stations for HVAC production (boilers, heat pumps, chiller …)

  • Packaging lines in thermoformed plastic materials

  • Production lines of thermal and acoustic insulating materials

  • Heat treatments areas

  • Silicon production plant

Our Certifications


Some of the implemented systems

Production plant of agglomerates
Site: Sebring (FL) – USA
Start up: 2007
Description: Complete automation of the production plant of agglomerated resin-grit slabs (grinding and sieving, in line dosage, handling, heat treatments).

Polycrystalline silicon production plant
Site: Merano (BZ)
Start up: 2010
Description: Process control system for the production of polycrystalline silicon of solar grade.

Nonwoven Production Line
Site: Terno d’isola (BG)
Start up: 2011
Description: Full-line automation for the production of Thermo-Bonded / Air-Bonded non-woven fabric.

MES management of boilers production line with tracking of the production orders in all phases of processing: activation, components assembly, in line testing, automatic generation of all product documentations. Research laboratory management.

MES management of production line of cold/heat generating devices with tracking of the production orders in all phases of processing: activation, components assembly. In-line testing systems of devices interfaced with market package (Volta devices for CEI test, …).

Our Customers in the Sector