PowerG Platform

PowerG Platform is Tecnica Elettronica product platform for the development of innovative and advanced control systems for Companies in the “Power Generation” sector.

La PowerG Platform

Tecnica Elettronica PowerG Platform is based on the Siemens product SIMATIC PCS 7, an open and scalable process control system also based on wide-spread products and standard technologies (Simatic S7-400/S7-300, Microsoft operating systems, etc.) together with international industry standards, such as IEC, XML, Profibus, Profinet, Fieldbus Foundation, Ethernet, TCP/IP, OPC, ISA 88, ISA 95, IEC 61850, to name just a few.

SIMATIC PCS 7 enables simple integration of Siemens entire portfolio: instrumentation, inverters, drivers, motors and mechanical drives, through a set of pre-configured technology Libraries and Faceplates. PowerG Platform allows a more efficient application configuration through a specific set of technology Libraries and Faceplates in the “Power Generation” sector.

Tecnica Elettronica PowerG Platform is composed by the following features:

  • SIMATIC PCS 7 (product-system);
  • TE_Process_Lib (libraries);
  • Processes and market knowledge;
  • Over 30 years of application experience;
  • Ongoing technological innovation;
  • Siemens Headquarters support;
  • Life cycle services.

Why choose it?

As proven over the years, the mix of technology and services allows PowerG Platform to be an efficient platform to compete in “Power Generation” sector.

PowerG Platform outcomes

Production Sites

Partnership with Siemens

Tecnica Elettronica has two types of Partnership certification:

  • PCS 7 Specialist;
  • PCS 7 Process Safety Specialist.

Siemens, in the Partnership agreement, ensures a privileged support to the Solution Partners:

Training courses;
Execution of feasibility analyses;
Turnkey projects implementation with on-site application support;
Direct access to Siemens headquarters experts’ support for troubleshooting.

Through direct resources and/or the Solution Partner network, Siemens guarantees, as an extra warranty for the Final Consumer, the temporal continuity of engineering services and the evolutive maintenance of systems and applications, the same as it is guaranteed for products “life cycle”.

Our Certifications


Some of the implemented systems

Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant
Site: Michelin (CN)
Start up: 2007
Description: Control and Supervision of a high availability 50 Mwe Combined Cycle feeding a tyre production plant.

Geothermal Power plant
Site: SMH (Japan)
Start up: 2015
Description: Control and Supervision of a 5 Mwe Geothermal Power plant with binary cycle based on ORC technology.

Oil Pumping station
Site: Tuba (Iraq)
Start up: 2015
Description: Plant Control and Supervision for oil pumping.

Our Customers in the Sector