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For over 35 years we have been designing and developing Automation systems ensuring their operativity for the entire life cycle.

About us

Tecnica Elettronica S.p.A. has been a constant presence in the Automation market since 1978 designing and developing automation, control, supervision and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems, for several industrial sectors, whose efficient operation during the whole life-cycle is guaranteed by the choice of proven technologies and by the permanent monitoring characterising the support services and the evolutive maintenance.

In order to keep pace with technological developments and with the market demand, Tecnica Elettronica has increasingly invested in:

  • Staff training;
  • Organisational model evolution;
  • Product and services innovation;
  • Research and development activities in cooperation with Research bodies and Universities;
  • Consolidation of certified partnership.

Tecnica Elettronica has developed, during its over 30 years of business history, consolidated product platforms with practical application to the following sectors:

Each of these product platforms can be configured, customised and integrated with new developments to cover specific requirements of the Customer.

More about us

Giving a response to the automation demand along the entire life cycle of the system, from the design to evolutive maintenance, has been our mission since 1978.

Integrated Control and Tracking of the entire production cycle, Real-Time Communication between “production” and “company management”, together with the possibility to receive qualified assistance and to implement updates even after many years of use, represent the real “added value” that we want to provide our Customers.

The main features of our specialist teams’ activity are expertise, experience and deep knowledge of the technology trend. Each team is composed by several highly qualified technicians whose technical and engineering knowledge allow the best use of products/devices in every specific application.
The close and established integration among the different specialist teams is the key point enabling us to develop complete systems and to support them with a continuous service.

Certifications PCS 7 Safety Specialist and Process Control System Simatic PCS 7 Specialist, as Siemens Solution Partner for the control system distributed Simatic PCS 7 and for Industrial Energy Efficiency projects, entitle Tecnica Elettronica as a full-fledged Siemens Solution Partner for Power Generation and Process plants. Tecnica Elettronica has developed and implemented on PCS 7 platform specific solutions whose effectiveness is recognised by Siemens itself.


In order to guarantee systems and services provided to the Customers, the company’s processes for the Design and Development of control, automation and production processes supervision systems are constantly documented, monitored, tested, updated, improved through a Quality Management System certified referring to standard UNI EN ISO 9001.

Read our Quality and Security Policy.

Our best Skills

Analysis 100%
Design 100%
Commissioning 100%
Evolutive maintenance 100%
Research and Development 100%

“Quality is to meet the Customer’s needs and exceed its expectations while continuing to improve.”

[William Edwards Deming]

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