On November 29, 2016, the article

“Progettare Sicurezza – Un Caso Aziendale”

has been published in “Articles Section” of Safety & Security Magazine Portal. The article, that has earlier been published on “Safety & Security” Magazine – number 81 – July-August 2016 paper format, explains results of Research Project  named “Research and testing of an innovative integrated industrial automation system with high accessibility and high degree of security”, developed in 2014-2016 period and achieved thanks to a grant from the Regione Veneto. Models, procedures, instruments and technologies, analyzed, tested and developed as prototype in order to guarantee security in design and manufacturing of automated production plants, now are being validated and  evolved in order to be integrated as “Security Module” in “Tecnica Elettronica Product Platforms”  (Feed&Mill Platform; PowerG Platform; Process & Factory Platform) for the different sectors.