We have been operating in the Automation Sector since 1978

We design and develop Automation, Control, Supervision and MES Systems

Just tell us your company’s needs, We will satisfy them.

The Customer is our priority. Customisation, Plants and Systems Quality, Integrated Control and Tracking of the entire production cycle, Real-Time Communication between “production” and “company management”, qualified Support Services, Permanent Monitoring and Evolutive Maintenance are consolidated values identifying nowadays Tecnica Elettronica in the market.

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All Solutions in One Single Platform

TecnEl Platform is the tool through which Tecnica Elettronica designs and develops production automation systems customised to Customer’s and plants specific needs.

To guarantee the Customers’ quality standards defined at international level, Tecnica Elettronica constantly focuses on the acquisition of new skills to keep pace with technological developments. Thus, the TecnEl Platform is continually enriched and improved in order to meet the individual requirements of Customers in different sectors.

Tecnel Platform

Your System Integrator for Your Industry 4.0

Integration and Convergence between Automation Technology and Information Technology.

The increasing availability of smart technologies and devices that can be interfaced to business information systems implicates an evaluation of the single device that goes beyond the specific performances and considers how it impacts the integrated infrastructure-system too.

Following the latest development and changes defined by Industry 4.0, the support of a System Integrator as Tecnica Elettronica is more and more strategic in order to cover, through transversal competences and skills, all the architecture levels from Business IT Infrastructure to the field equipments of the specific automated Production Unit.

The wide range of analytical skills, experience and expertise, technological trend mastery, and consolidated product platforms for specific sectors guarantee customized and innovative solutions characterized by convergence between Automation Technology (production flow control and supervision) and Information Technology (information flows management).

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Tailor-made Proven Technologies for your Company’s needs

The consolidated expertises and the experience acquired in Industrial Automation field allow Tecnica Elettronica to provide specialised Product Platforms for specific sectors capable of meeting different Customers’ needs. Flexibility, scalability, integrability with pre-existing systems and possibilities of customised developments are the key factors to meet a wide range of requirements.

Feed&Mill Platform

The Product Platform developed by Tecnica Elettronica to meet the needs of agro-industrial sector Companies.

PowerG Platform

The Product Platform developed by Tecnica Elettronica to meet the needs of power generation sector Companies.

Process&Factory Platform

The Product Platform developed by Tecnica Elettronica to meet the needs of process industry and manufacturing sectors Companies.

Full Range of Services

We cover the entire life cycle of an automation system, from the design to the evolutive maintenance, providing a solution to  every specific request by adopting the best technologies and developing customised solutions.

Do not choose just a Supplier, Relay on an All Inclusive Partner

Relying on Tecnica Elettronica means to choose an All Inclusive partner: from the analysis of your needs, supported by our expert teams to identify the best solution, up to the qualified technical assistance guaranteed by: 40 years of experience, a continuous training programme and an ongoing and direct Customer relationship.

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Our Customers: our Strenght

Many Customers have already selected us showing a wide and shared confidence in us. Our professionalism, reliability, competence, availability and transparency are greatly confirmed by our Customer’s satisfaction.